Let me introduce Rupert Ellingham,

he too was looking for extra income and look what our unique business system has given him

February 1999 I was a Sales Director with a large plc, willing to sacrifice my life for that of the company. Developed a business plan to expand into Ireland, taken on my peers and won. In under a year banked over £6.5M in profit, flying into London, Paris and Madrid from Dublin at the drop of a hat, trying to make it home for the weekend, to see my cat in Somerset!

Here I lay, suffering with Pleurisy, I was too ill to contact anyone…no one contacting me. With no friends to talk of, my family not sure where I was and the company just waiting for me to go back to earn them more money, I was just a tool…this is no life.

So I left, I had two arms and two legs, could do anything… that was true, with some successes until September 2001. I lost the use of my left hand through a broken shoulder. Now I was stuffed. Not able to work, unable to earn.

This is when I met Forever. And boy have I met them. What a company. Realistic, honest, genuine people all in the same business? This is the company that attracts the 80% of good people leaving the 20% of the sceptical, 'drag-you-downs' behind.

Creating my own business, with unquestionable support. Becoming myself again and enabling me to dream the dreams, to go to Gambia and build wells reaching the water table that is safe for them to drink from, funding this myself, Forever gives me the tools to see them through.

Rupert Ellingham

Rupert Ellingham

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