Let me introduce Sue McGarrigle,

just look at what she has achieved through helping others

Six years ago when I joined Forever I was not working as I had just had my third baby and I was in the trap - too busy with the children, not enough money to employ childcare and not many options for employment as it would have to be in the evenings. I was too tired, my health was not good either - a typical Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferer amongst other problems - we had very little money and I was driving around in a rusty Micra.

Within 6 months I became an Forever Manager, regained my health and we all started to enjoy the benefits of an additional £1000 per month.

Within 18 months we became Senior Mangers, our income always growing with and international, part-time, flexible business tailored around the children - we had time for them, so important. We also received a company Profit Share cheque.

Through the products I became more fascinated with natural health so I used some of my Forever income to gain a degree in nutrition and became a consultant. Out went the Micra, in came the Audi cabriolet. We travelled to America after qualifying for a 10-day all expenses paid luxury trip courtesy of Forever.

I realised a dream and learnt to fly. I now have a wonderful career as a licensed practitioner, a nutritional adviser to Forever, a technical adviser to the UK's leading nutritional science company, I lecture and write for journals. Forever has given me huge personal development and I now enjoy treating and helping people with their health at all levels as well as getting a massive buzz from watching the people I have introduced to Forever enjoy additional health, wealth and success and for them also to start achieving their dreams.

Sue McGarrigle


Sue McGarrigle

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