Let me introduce Dorothy & Bill Wood,

just look at what they have achieved through helping others

22 years in the NHS and I needed a change, to escape the Rat Race and spend more time with Bill and the family on our farm. I still wanted to work of course but from home and part time. The only major stipulation was we wanted to continue working with and helping people

Then, in late Autumn 1996 we were introduced to Forever Living Products, a company that has achieved everything through its philosophy of ‘’help enough others succeed and achieve their goals and your own success will follow’’. For five years we have adopted that philosophy ourselves and we have had an amazing journey.

We have helped people in our team who wanted £200-£300 to help pay the bills, others who, like us, wanted to work from home around their families and yet want a full time income. Finally there are friends in our group who like us set out to achieve everything Forever has to offer. An unbelievable annual income, Car Plan, International Travel and Profit Share.

The real icing on the cake is seeing everyone get what they want however big or small, and knowing that you had something to do with helping them achieve it.

Bill & Dorothy Wood


Dorothy & Bill Wood

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