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It’s 8 a.m. on a dark Sunday morning, January 20th 1994.

I’m in bed with a splitting stress headache again. It’s the same most Sundays now. It’s the only day I try to rest and try to switch off from work.

I can hear the kids playing downstairs. I feel very guilty as I want to play downstairs with them.

It’s now early afternoon and I’m still in bed. This is no use, my life has got to change.

In many ways I was very successful. I ran two private practices as a Homeopathic Practitioner, however, I did not own my business - it felt like it owned me. I was constantly tired, and if I was not seeing patients, I did not get paid. Also, I could only see a certain number of patients per day, which meant there was always a ceiling on my income. Then my large overheads took a big slice out of this.

I wanted to change the way I earned my living but I wanted to continue helping people in my work.

It was a Doctor colleague who told me about Forever Living Products. Now only seven years later my life has totally changed. I no longer work long hours, I have more time with my family and a passive income that has exceeded my income from my two private practices, without the stress and long hours.

Anthony Davis


Anthony Davis

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