Here are Patsy Glover & Shirley Cox,

They now have the time to live the life they want, thanks to our unique business system

When Shirley and I started our Forever business in 2000 it was simply so that we could both work and spend more time together. At the time, Shirley was a primary teacher and I was a part time massage therapist. We soon realised that if we continued our respective careers we would be like ships that passed in the night, we wanted more time for ourselves. Shirley loved teaching when she qualified in 1993 but was becoming more and more disillusioned by the mountains of red tape and bureaucracy .

We were already dabbling with an Forever business (I was a distributor and Shirley had been a customer of mine and was supplying many of her family and colleagues with products).

Once we started in earnest, our business expanded rapidly. With our different skills we complement each other perfectly and Shirley’s teaching skills are put to excellent use in coaching our growing team.

In July 2002 Shirley finally gave up her teaching career and joined me in our business full time - we can now work and have fun at the same time. If there’s one thing we have realised about being part of Forever Living it’s that having fun is high on everyone’s list of priorities and with Forever there’s time for us to have just that.

Patsy Glover & Shirley Cox


Patsy Glover & Shirley Cox

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