Let me introduce Terry & Shanta Villars,

they now have the time to live the life they choose, thanks to our unique business system

I had a successful 20-year career with a major airline in middle management, and earning a reasonable, above-average salary. However I increasingly found that my workload was increasing unrealistically, and I found myself working 80 hours most weeks. Of course, as with most large companies, overtime was not an option, it was very much ‘Get on with it or we’ll find someone else’

I would leave home at 7 in the morning, to return exhausted late in the evening, have some dinner, go to bed, and then get up and do it all again. It was no life.

My daughter began to wonder who I was and family life disintegrated, and on top of that I became ill with stress.

My one thought at that time was ‘How can I spend the next 20 years of my working life doing this?’ I was at the top of my ‘career tree’ with no-where to go.

So I began to look around for alternative things to do, and came across a company called Forever Living Products. There was not any investment involved and the products looked great, and here was an opportunity to earn as much I wanted to, and put in as much time as I wanted to, not how much they told me to put in.

So I started and found that the demand for the products was huge, and the business just grew and grew.

What began as a small part-time venture is now a full time business involving over 80 people, and by full time I mean that I work around 25 hours in a ‘normal’ week! And I am earning what I was earning when I worked for 80 hours week – doing something that I really enjoy!

Terry Villars


Terry & Shanta Villars

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