Let me introduce Jeff & Jean Drew,

they now have the time to live the life they choose, thanks to our unique business system

We first looked at Forever in October 1997.

At that time, Jeff ran his own business. He seemed to be working longer and longer hours for less and less money. He knew though that if he stopped, the income would stop too.

Jean was a senior manager in the telecoms industry – at that time a thriving sector! She was well paid and enjoyed the "buzz" of working under pressure but very rarely got any time to enjoy the fruits of her hard work and knew that success (ie promotion), would mean even longer hours.

We seemed to pass like ships in the night, and didn’t want that to carry on for too long. But what options were out there to suit one of us, let alone something that the two of us, with such different backgrounds, could do together?

Yes, Forever has provided the answer. Seven months after that first look, Jean left her corporate career and Jeff sold his business. Now we are financially independent. We have cars paid for by Forever. We’ve had some fantastic trips including Cyprus and the States and Canada. Most importantly to us – we have time. We choose how much we want to work, when we work and with whom. We have holidays when we want to and we get to see each other!

Jeff & Jean Drew


Jeff & Jean Drew

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