Let me introduce Paul Scarlett & Tricia Payne,

they now have their Own Business thanks to our unique business system

I learnt at an early age, that no one gets wealthy working for somebody else, so I decided to work for myself. However what I didn’t know was the stress running your own traditional business brings, staff, rent, huge investment in stock, bank loans etc. In the early 90’s a divorce and the recession took every thing from me and I was left broke, aged 38.

I looked around to find a way to make money with no major investment, no premises, and no staff. Something I could run from home, yet make a substantial income. I tried several companies but they either failed or the products didn’t sell. I then discovered Forever, by accident, and it’s changed my life beyond my wildest dreams.

We wanted to be in control of our lives. We wanted freedom, flexibility and control over our income.

Through this programme I met Tricia, we now enjoy an incredible lifestyle and an annual 6-figure income from the UK. We both drive new cars - a Lexus & Honda 4x4, funded by the company car plan. We have enjoyed traveling the world free and have made 100’s of new friends while building an income that keeps growing. We could, if we so wished, stop working today, but we enjoy what we do and have so much fun, we’ve escaped the rat race

The greatest thing now, is helping others to reach their potential and make it possible for them to live their dreams, just as we do. We urge you to take action and find out more, you won’t regret it.

Paul Scarlett & Tricia Payne

North Devon

Paul Scarlett & Tricia Payne

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