Let me introduce Sue & Alan Matthewman,

they now have their Own Business thanks to our unique business system

At fifty, after a working lifetime running manufacturing companies, Alan found himself increasingly frustrated at the constant pressure, long hours and rapidly diminishing job satisfaction that is typical of current business life. In addition, a combination of company and personal circumstances meant that the income, savings and pension rights that Alan had expected to enjoy, and which would give us a comfortable lifestyle in retirement, now seemed unlikely to happen. Suddenly, the future was looking very insecure indeed.

For myself, I was tired of working in an environment where coping with office politics took more time and energy than the job itself! My ideal was to have my own business that was people orientated and with a product I could truly believe in. I also wanted to avoid the stress of managing staff and coping with overheads such as premises, stock etc. There was also the small problem of lacking the capital to start such a venture. Frankly, I believed I was dreaming of the impossible, and was becoming increasingly resigned to the prospect of many more years as a wage-slave!

We found the solution to both our dreams and now work from home in a delightful Georgian house on the edge of the Cotswolds. We work hard, but now have the time, flexible working life and secure income to do what we want, when we want. We are so grateful that eight years ago we opened our eyes and minds to the potential of doing something so completely different and satisfying with our lives.

Sue & Alan Matthewman


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