"If you're not riding
the wave of change

You'll find yourself
beneath it"



Welcome to our home page. We would like to share some interesting facts that helped us make the decision to look at our future.

Firstly, no one ever gets wealthy working for someone else - they pay you just enough - and most of us struggle to have enough money to last each month.

The government recently announced that to retire with a modest income, we would have to put around 15% to 20% of our annual income into a Pension. I don’t know about you, but we found it difficult surviving on what we had, never mind putting some away for the future.

We decided to work part-time with what we believe is a very special company in order to produce an income that would become passive and secure our future. Ordinary people just like us are doing this, read their stories on this site and see if it’s something that excites you, it did us

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